Sunday, August 8, 2010

Types Of Bullying

· Types Of Bullying
Physical School Bullying, emotional indirect bullying, verbal bullying, electronic bullying (cyber-bullying), sexual bullying, school shootings, social bullying and intimidation.

Physical Bulling
Physical bullying is when any form of physical contact between any group of people that hurts or injures a person. For example; punching, kicking, or hitting the person is a form of physical bullying. Retrieving and destroying an item that belongs to someone else is another form of physical bullying as well as pushing or shoving people to the ground. Around 30.5% of bullying in middle and elementary schools is physical bullying.

Verbal Bullying
Verbal Bullying involved a person using words to torment or tease a person. This can mean name-calling, making offensive remarks to people or harshly joking about a person’s ethnicity, gender or religion, or background, family wealth or their appearance. An example of this is when a person wears glasses, and then the person is teased for this reason and receives a bad name because of their look.

Indirect Bullying
Indirect bullying can be bullying that does not seem obvious but is a discreet act that is intentional in hurting the victim chosen. It could be when a person is being purposely excluded or left out from the group, a person being ignored, when someone spreads rumours and talks behind your back, backstabbing, gossiping, glaring and people and giving people threatening looks.

Technological Bullying
Technological bullying is when a person is bullied through the use of technology and can be classified as a form of indirect bullying. Some examples are when people use technology such as the internet and websites like Facebook and other social networking sites to anonymously bully people. Sometimes people may create websites that purposely put down people and embarrass others by putting on photos and written bullying on blogs and comments. Other people also use technology such as instant messaging or online chat rooms and abuse them through chat. Text bullying is also a serious thing and is a regular occurrence that is growing in this day and age; people can receive abusive and anonymous texts that degrade some people. When someone uses a camera phone, or a video camera to film someone being attacked or bullied; it is called happy slapping. Happy slapping is a serious offence and should be reported. Pranks calls and calls that are abusive and silent are also a form of technological bullying.


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